About Zimmer Brothers Diamonds

About Zimmer Brothers Diamonds

The Difference the Right Diamond Makes.

When you look at Zimmer Brothers diamonds you'll notice a difference. They sparkle more and shine brighter than others. And it all begins with the right diamond.

Let Zimmer Brothers help take the guesswork out of engagement ring shopping and financing.

Zimmer Brothers gemologists hand pick our diamonds and then carefully grade them for color, cut, clarity, finish and proportion. Using our own in-house tools, we carefully study each loose diamond and offer only those that meet our highest standards of excellence.

To unlock the true beauty of a diamond, it must be cut to ideal proportions. 60% of the value of a diamond can be determined by how well it is cut, as this is the only human element involved.

AGS Laboratories' A.S.E.T. device can prove just how well your diamond is cut, and it's only available at Zimmer Brothers Jewelers.

Learn More About ASET Technology

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