The Best Intentions

Posted on: December 3, 2017

Every year I say it. Every year, I apparently forget it soon after.

"I'm going to start shopping in January. That way, I won't have the stress of finding something, anything, for everyone on my list."

Every. Year. Last was no exception. On either point. I didn't buy a single item, for a single soul. It's December again, and I am stuck. What do I get my best friend, my favorite niece, my daughter's teacher, the babysitter, my husband's sister and both of our assistants?!

Why? Whyyyy do I continue to do this, year after year? Unnecessary stress when I have real stuff I could be worried about.

I need a one stop shop and I need it today. So that it is done, done, done. Where, where, where in the Hudson Valley can I go and get it all done? Plus, of course, the big question- who's going to wrap all this stuff?!

The answer, to all of the above? Zimmer Brothers.

My favorite sales consultant and Freida Rothman to the rescue!

My BFF will love this 36" Radiance wrap necklace. Probably as much as she loves me. Insuring the second F remains true.


These Marquise Hoops are perfect for my teenage niece. Who, by the way, was just 5 years old what seems like a minute ago. How did that happen?


I think that these sweet Mini Clover earrings will be a welcome surprise for my daughter's teacher. Sparkle beats apple, any day of the week.


The babysitter may not mind spending New Year's Eve at our house this year as much after opening these cool and edgy ear climbers.


My sister-in-law will probably find something to complain about at dinner this holiday BUT it definitely won't be this trio of bangle bracelets.

Our assistants are amazing. Neither my husband, nor myself would be as productive without their, you guessed it, assistance. These stacks of 5 eternity rings should relay our appreciation nicely.

One for mine.

One for his.

DONE! annnnnnnd wrapped!

I think I need to reward myself, for getting allllll of that done. At one stop no less.

Yup. This Raindrop necklace is perfect. May it serve as a reminder to not let this go a whole year again...

Yeah, right. One can dream. I guess. ;)



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