Posted on: January 12, 2016

Lose weight. Go to the gym more. Curse less. Socialize more. Organize.

Organize. Organize. Organize. The kitchen drawers haven't looked this good since, well, this time last year. The sock drawer is not only neat, but in color order. This should last roughly two weeks. If you're lucky.

Does your jewelry box get this same treatment? When was the last time you organized that?! Matched earrings to their backs, untangled chains and discovered treasures you forgot you had. I ask that as I sit here wearing the locket I've had since I am 16, but probably haven't worn in a decade. Or two...    In fact, I just may trade it in for store credit, there's a Monica Rich Kosann piece I've had my eye on.

mrk gate

If it's not already, taking better care of your valuables should be a New Year's resolution. How often do you have your rings checked and professionally cleaned? A twice annual 'check up' for your engagement ring is recommended. Having your jewelry professional check the setting, the diamond and its prongs to ensure all is as it should be is important. Plus, they'll be happy to give it a good cleaning. What's prettier than a sparkling diamond? You're correct -nothing. Pop into Zimmer Brothers in either of our locations and have them give your jewelry the once over, there's no charge to do so, and when you leave, it'll look even better than when you arrived -the next best thing to leaving with something new.

ringcollage (1)


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