Pomp, circumstance... and studs

Posted on: May 29, 2016

Am I the only one who cries at graduations? Like, all of them. I would guess it's the music, but really, I think it's a 'finish line' thing.

Yes, I cry at those too...All of 'em - mine, yours, a perfect stranger's.

So, it must be the sense of accomplishment. That feeling of a job well done. All through school, as you toile through each course, you're not just working toward the small goalposts along the way - the best possible grade, the most material absorption, and the end of each semester. You're not just looking toward winter break, spring break and the summers off. You're working toward the real end goal - graduation.

Graduation, and the real world.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

All 'adulting' jokes aside. It took a lot of work to get to this part. That march to Pomp and Circumstance is well-earned. We're proud of you and we celebrate with you.

To that end, may we make some suggestions on a lil something sparkly to commemorate this milestone?

A Thomas Sabo bracelet makes an excellent reminder of this time in their lives. Have a graduate from Rhinebeck High School? The coordinates to Rhinebeck are a perfect inscription. A forever sign of where they came from, no matter where they are headed.



These Hearts On Fire Beloved Diamond Stud earrings will remind her of this accomplishment, every time she wears them. As a wearer of my own graduation diamond studs some-20 years later, I can attest, she will mentally thank you every time she puts them on.

hof beloved earring


Dogeared necklaces are the PERFECT gift for your also-graduating roommate.  Sweet, to the point, and, because it will remind her of you, and all the fun you had, it's a fabulous reminder to stay in touch.



Monica Rich Kosann is most well known for her lockets,

mrk gate

which are quite appropriate for graduation. As are many of her other designs. This telescope is one of my personal favs and with a name of "Curiosity", it couldn't be more perfect.

mrk curisoity

Or these keys? They might not start a new car, BUT they will last longer and that diploma? That will open far more doors!

mrk keys

Let's not forget the guys! These cuff links are not only beautiful and well crafted, but they're perfect for those upcoming interviews.


Speaking of interviews, you can help make sure they aren't late for them...

rolex onlyuse rolex



Congratulations to all the graduates of the Classes of 2016! We wish you, as applicable: the best summer ever, the college experience you're dreaming of, the perfect job in your chosen field and, student loan forgiveness.


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