Out with the old...

Posted on: February 16, 2016

... in with the new? Maybe!


There are many reasons to consider selling pieces from within your jewelry box. You might have outgrown a certain look. You might have never loved it in the first place, but felt disloyal thinking so when you opened the box at Christmas.

Jewelry has history, memories -good, bad and otherwise. Gifts retain their emotional relationship between giver and recipient. Items left after a loved one passes are often a memento of the person now gone. That necklace from an ex most likely will leave you feeling differently than the pearls your parents presented you with at graduation. Aunt Sally (may she rest in peace) may have set aside her favorite pin, hoping you, her favorite niece would love it as she did. You don't.

Trading in, and sometimes up(!), can allow you to recapture the value of an item otherwise languishing in a safety deposit box, safe, treasure chest or shoe box beneath the bed (no judgement, but you know who you are). Turning Aunt Sally's (h i d e o u s) pin into a pendant you love by trading it in will make you smile and lovely remember your aunt, which is what she really wanted in the first place. Not only is this not disloyal, it's two fold- your newly acquired necklace will bring you happiness annnnnnd, that pin? Someone else is sure to fall for it as she did, thereby giving it a new life, outside the shoe box (again, no judgement).

The aforementioned necklace from what's-his-face? Why hang on to it at all. It only makes you angry when you see it anyway. As Elsa says, "Let it go". Well, technically, I guess Elsa says "Let it gooooooooooooooooo, let it gooooooooo!" We concur. Let. It. Go. Get yourself something fabulous that he wouldn't have known you well enough to buy at the time and every time you wear it, you can think of just how lucky you are now- to be rid of him and that necklace.

Zimmer Brothers Jewelers has been transforming unworn, unwanted, unwearable pieces as long as any of us can remember. Presently, our Estate Department is paying more than we ever have before. Feel free to drop by either of our locations with jewelry, sterling silver flatware and holloware, gold and silver coins and the like. Our buyer will be delighted to  look them over and perhaps, make you an offer you won't be able to refuse. No appointment is necessary, though calling prior to be sure the buyer is in is advised.

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