My Forever Valentines

Posted on: February 1, 2016

Remember when you were in (young) love and you abandoned your best girl pals for any opportunity to hang out with what you truly believed was the love of your life? I don't know about you, but my mother would have none of it. "They were there before him and they'll be there after him." What? After him? I'm going to m a r r y this guy. I'll have plenty of time to hang out with my friends when they're my bridesmaids and we're in the throes of planning every last detail of my amazing wedding. Plus, the showers and bachelorette weekend.


Guess who was right? Again. (I hope she isn't reading this.)

Those very same girls are the ones who let me cry cry cry when we broke up. They let me obsess and over analyze details of conversations for w e e k s. They brought over ice cream and tidbits of gossip about his new girlfriend.

They are the ones I saw Thanksgiving eve all through college, picking up right where we left off.

They are the people who planned my 21st birthday. Not that any of us remember much.

They are the girls who really did become bridesmaids. A few boyfriends later. They planned the shower, they wore the dresses, they bought matching shoes and the day of, they joined me in the ladies' room and held my dress up as needed.

They are the ones I reach to call first. They still let me cry, and obsess and over analyze e v e r y t h i n g.

Because, love.

This year, I am going to celebrate those friendships with a little valentine's reminder of how much they mean to me.


These DOGEARED necklaces are the perfect sentiment (& price point!) for my ladies. The selection is such that each one is sure to know it was picked just for her.



I love these Thomas Sabo bracelets. My #soulsisters will be reminded all day how thankful I am to have them in my world.


Last, but never, ever least, my very bestie will love her new Mighty Purse wristlet. Not only will she have phone, credit cards, keys and lippy handy, she'll always have enough phone battery for whatever life throws 'our' way.

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