Mom Knows Best

Posted on: May 3, 2016

She really does. She knows it. Let's be honest, we know it too. NOT that I'll actually be admitting it to mine anytime soon. I find it is best to just argue with her and then do as she suggests behind her back. It keeps her on her toes. Yes, my wedding rings are the very first thing off when I return home and the last thing I put on when getting ready to leave the house. As per my mom. However, she doesn't need to know that. She also doesn't need to know that I do, in fact, know how to take care of the silver tea set she gave me that once belonged to my grandmother. It's far more entertaining to tell her it hasn't been polished in Lord only knows how long?!

Jewelry is 9 times out of 10 about the connection to its giver. Be it a gift they gave, or a piece handed down from a beloved family member. We recently chatted with customer, Joy Dyson, who feels the same. "I always felt special when my mom let me wear her jewelry." Odds are that wasn't  because of the monetary value or sparkle of the pieces, but more the emotional value attached to wearing something so personal of her mother's.

As both a daughter and a mother herself, she gave excellent advice we would love to pass along to you. When giving family pieces to you children, or even when lending them, share the story of where you got it from. That way, the history behind it can be shared both between you and with others when they remark on the piece.

Think about it, how often have you admired a beautiful pair of earrings to hear from their wearer that they once belonged to her grandmother? Or, an amazing ring to be told it was once the wearer's mom's? How much more fascinating to hear that those earrings were her grandmother's... a gift from her late grandfather before heading off to war... the stone chosen because it was the (future) birthstone of the baby they were getting ready to have... the very wearer's father?! Wouldn't you be delighted to know that the ring you admired was from her mom... it had been a gift to her from her own mom... as a Sweet 16 gift... see how the stones are sort-of set in a sunburst pattern?... that's because her nickname growing up was 'Sunshine'!

Joy's advice of being able to "share it while we wear it" is sound and definitely something we should make an effort to do. Ask family members if they know any of the details of the pieces already handed down. Share any stories you already know with family member who might not. The history attached to this jewelry is what truly adds to the personal value.

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