I've got the fever, and the only cure is... more Olympics

Posted on: August 15, 2016

If you're anything like me, you've been glued to the television this past week. I have contracted a severe case of Olympic Fever. For real. I can't stop talking about what I watched the night prior. I have cried more time than I care to admit. So many amazing firsts, and twenty-firsts (I'm looking at you, Phelps!), so many stories and finishes and medals. I am simply blown away by the work ethic these athletes have, their dedication to their sport and country. So inspiring to watch.

That being said, if you're anything like me, while being glued to the television this past week, you can't even help but be tuned in to the little, but equally important details. The outfits, the uniforms, the costumes- all designed to represent the countries. How each athlete manages to show individual style while dressed exactly like their teammate is fascinating. Me being me, I am obsessed with the jewelry.

Come on! You can't really be surprised! Don't you know me by now?

You can't expect me to watch beach volleyball and not want to know everything about the multiple necklaces our ladies are wearing. One of Ross's pendants was actually a gift from Walsh-Jennings, inscribed with the word 'dream'. A reminder to her teammate to  never give up on their dream. Her own says 'breathe'. Kerri is a long time believer in the power of positivity.


Team work has gotten these two where they are today- heading into the semi-finals of the Olympics. Team work on and off the beach. The spirit of team work and friendship makes me want to celebrate my own cheerleaders. The friends that encourage my own dreams- even if competing in the summer games isn't in the cards for me, I know they will have my back no matter what the goal is. For them, perhaps a personalized Thomas Sabo bracelet with a single word inscribed.

thomas-sabo-pue_banner_896x1200_lb5_enEqually perfect a gift for such friends, Doggeared necklaces.


Both designer collections feature the ability to be meaningful and at a price point that will allow for gift giving for no particular reason other than being overcome by my emotions. A true symptom of Olympic Fever.


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