How The Hudson Valley Gets Engaged. Literally.

Posted on: September 17, 2017

Within a few months of the two & half years that Rocco and Cara dated, they KNEW. This was the person they wanted to spend forever with. College sweethearts, they met while both studied at Springfield College. They talked about getting married a lot and Rocco made sure that he knew what Carah wanted in terms of THE ring.

And, it IS all kinds of perfect! Even if we do say so ourselves.

Next week, Carah will walk down the aisle to meet Rocco to start their forever. It took lots of decisions and planning to get to this point. Color swatches and dress fittings and hair trials and wedding bands later, it is practically here!

But, before all the happy, there was much sadness. In 2013, Rocco’s best friend died as the result of an automobile accident. He has remained close to Christopher’s family, considering them to be among his own, and was determined to include them, and the memory of his friend, in the proposal. This led Rocco to select their home as the place to ask for Carah’s hand. So many memories of the times he spent with Christopher surrounded them as he made an unforgettable one, for his wife-to-be.

Waiting to do the actual asking was hard for Rocco, having purchased her ring the month before. Only a few people knew his plans to ensure secrecy, and he managed to keep Carah in the dark while plotting. He set up a playlist of love songs with a marriage theme to play while Carah was given clues. Each one revealed a little more of their own love story and the evolution of their relationship, culminating in Rocco, on bended knee, ring box in hand. She didn’t cry, she’s not the emotional one in this relationship, wink! wink!, but she did smile, tell Rocco she loved him and, the best part, say YES! Which makes us happy, almost as much as Rocco himself!

Rocco’s sister and Christopher’s parents were on hand, hiding in the shadows to take photographs and I would personally like to thank the one responsible for the pic above, as it is perfection! Shortly after it was taken, phone calls were made to parents and siblings to share the news. Then, an intimate dinner with friends to continue the celebration.

Rocco, and Carah, we are so happy to have been chosen to be a part of your love story and we’re especially excited for you both as you approach what is sure to be an amazingly special day. Enjoy every. single. moment. of it, and your happily ever after! Never stop celebrating each other.

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