How The Hudson Valley Gets Engaged. Literally.

Posted on: July 23, 2017

Yay! Like everyone, everywhere we loooooove a good love story. Maybe even a little more so because we had a small hand in the engagement ring process. It really is the best part of this biz- being a part of the love stories! So, when our recently engaged friends shared their story with us, we were over the moon to get to share it with everyone else.

This is Erin and John.

Introduced through mutual friends, they are a set-up success story!

Emails and phone calls led to drinks at the Beechtree in Poughkeepsie led to seven years of laughing, love and family-time. When you have kids, dating as an adult means you have to take much more into consideration. There are more people affected by your relationships. Important, impressionable young people who are learning about life and love from your every move. Erin knew that John’s philosophy on life and the importance he placed on family made him a very real possibility of being “the one”. The love and affection he showed certainly didn’t hurt matters and the moment he first said I love you sealed the deal for her. John loves so much about Erin but it was her thoughtfulness that sealed the deal for him. You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, this happy couple can attest. Erin’s surprise of his favorite pizza and a 6-pack of beer while moving was when he realized that he wanted to spend forever with her.

Pausing for the inevitable “awwwwwwwwwww”

Marriage is a huge step. For any couple. Having been through it before doesn’t make the decision any easier to make. Erin and John talked about it at length and the love they share and their desire to grow old together made marriage increasingly important to them both, especially as they’ve blended their families. On the seventh anniversary of their first date, they looked at rings. (!!!)
They each liked several options. Erin knew that she wanted something unique to them and trusted John to make the ultimate decision of which he would propose with. Trust me when I say, the choice he made is, much like his betrothed, truly something special.

Seriously. Look at that ring!

Yes, we know. This is about so much more than the ring. BUT, seeing how we are #howthehudsonvalleygetsengaged, we can’t help but go at least a little gaga at the bling. We are getting a little ahead of ourselves though. Back to the important stuff.

The really important stuff. Lunch date with Erin’s dad, check.
His blessing? Check. Wheew. ;)

Ring, check.
Or, rather, a seriously gorgeous and perfect ring for Erin? Check, check, check! Look, we can't even help it. You're just going to have to deal with it.

A perfect romantic backdrop, check. While vacationing upstate, John arranged a lovely dinner for two. Picture it, Belhurst Castle and Winery overlooking Seneca Lake in Upstate NY on an early summer evening. John had been waiting until the moment felt right and he looked over at Erin while looking at the lake and it was perfect. Down on one knee and out with the ring. THE ring. All his worries that he’d forget all he wanted to say, or heaven forbid, misplace the ring, went out the window and the actual proposal itself was perfect and memorable and, honored the relationship, and the love, they share. A tall order to convey the journey they have taken to get to this point, the people they are now and the family they share together. Couple all that with his discussion with her dad and who Erin is as a person to him. Though he tried not to cry himself, or make her cry, Erin’s resounding YES may have been without hesitation, it WAS accompanied by tears. And really, how could it not be?

What followed was a flurry a phone calls to parents and children. Texts and Facebook updates filled in the rest of their people. A quiet night of celebration for two and a reunion at home for a second, slightly larger celebration when they returned from their vacation the following day.

What continues to follow is the cloud of happiness they’re floating on as newly engaged. Congratulations, John and Erin! We wish you nothing but joy and laughter. Here’s to the next chapter of your love story. Thank you for letting us share in this one.


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