How The Hudson Valley Gets Engaged. Literally.

Posted on: August 17, 2017

Yay! Another one of our GORGEOUS, even if we do say so ourselves, engagement rings has found its way on to the finger of its rightful owner.

Of course, not without much romance and our favorite, happy tears!

Mike and Kate are college sweethearts. Marist College was the first backdrop to their love story. Three weeks in “I love you”s were exchanged. Three years in, well, we’ll get to that…

Before that part of the story begins, there have been dates. There have been getaways. There has been rose’.

There has been the meeting of families, family is very important to them both. Baseball has been played. Dogs have been fostered. And through all of it, Mike and Kate’s love has grown.

There has also been the discussion of marriage. There ‘may’ also have been a little reconnaissance when it came to selecting the most perfect ring to accompany the ask for Kate's hand.

Then, there was a family (his) vacation to the Hamptons. And THEN, a visit to the Wolffer Estate Winery in Sagaponack, NY. Remember the rose’? This is where the one Mike and Kate love is produced. Between that, and the utter beauty of the space, it was the perfect backdrop to begin the next chapter of their love story.

On a stroll through the property, our couple came upon a gazebo and Kate casually, without agenda, mentions how amazing the place would be for a wedding. Mike, somehow, managed to brush it off at the time but when he knew the moment finally arrived, he turned to Kate and said, “so, remember what you said about this being a nice place to get married…” and took to his knee.

Emotions took over and neither really  remember exactly what else was said. What we do know is that THE question was popped and THE answer was affirmative. We also know that they both cried. But, please, don’t fret, Mike, we won’t tell anyone other than the whole world via the internet. ::wink::

Can I just say? There is much to like about a sneaky man! He’s the one who makes sure that the ring you find on your finger is the exact one you want. He’s the one who makes sure there is a photog hiding in the vineyard to insure the moment is captured forever. He’s also the one who makes sure your family secretly makes the trip to join his on vacation…

Yup. Kate and Mike return to the house after the vineyard to find EVERYONE on the porch awaiting their arrival to celebrate. It hasn’t been confirmed, but if we had to guess, we'd venture that Kate was moved to tears. Again.

The guys who sneak around and make girls cry sometimes get a bad rap. But to us, often, they’re the perfect kind. Thanks for being perfect kind for Kate, Mike.

Now, if you can just get her to stop staring at her ring long enough to start planning the wedding. We're pretty sure that there are many people looking forward to dancing that day!






photo creds: professional shots by Zupco Photography, others are couple's own

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