Birthday Shopping Dilemma, Solved!

Posted on: August 6, 2017

Next week is my bestie's b-day. Like, my absolute BESTEST friend. My ride or die, if you will. My secret keeper, and my problem solver and my partner in all crimes to be left unsaid. A big birthday too, divisible by 10 big. So, just any ole gift will not do.

What, on Earth, am I going to get her? She has always had my back. She punched a boy in the schoolyard when we were 12 because he made fun of my braces. She was suspended. For 3 days. For me.

She can buy herself pretty much anything. Often does, in fact. I, on the other hand, am on a strict budget. So, something she doesn't already have, won't be buying herself annnnnd won't break my bank. Oh, be really, REALLY, special.

My go-to gift when it has to be memorable is jewelry. Personal and a forever reminder of an emotion or a feeling. Hello? Perfect, right?

Yeah. Except... again, Hello? Jewelry = expensive. I'm on a budget, with a capital B. So, back to the drawing board.

While I think about it, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look around at jewelry. Right?


Happy Birthday! #manyembarassingballoons #maybetoomuchchampagne #definitelytoomanycupcakes and the absolutely, peeerfect gift to mark the occasion... #jewelry

Enter, Dogeared. Zimmer Brothers Jewelry carries the line in both locations. NOT that I am admitting to having visited both of them.

Fine, I did, AND I totally had some rose' when in Rhinebeck.

These are sooooo perfect, and there's at least one for every occasion. Sentimental and affordable. So much so that I may have gotten myself one too. Now that, I will not as readily admit to #wink


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