Happy Fall, Ya'll

Posted on: October 5, 2017

Fall is in the air. Well, kinda. The temperatures may be confusing, but the leaves know what's up. Plus, the truest sign of Autumn... pumpkin spice everything. EVERYTHING.

Another sign? New trends. Which, if we are being honest, is our very fave, above and beyond all things weirdly-flavored. Our fave trend, this season and... well... every, layering. #wearallthejewelry You know, at once. Cue our latest designer collection -Freida Rothman.

Every one of her pieces can be paired with every other single one of them. Because she also believes in wearing it all, many of her bracelets and rings are sold in pre-stacked sets. You know what I like more than a brand new ring? Five of them!

Wear all five on the same finger one day, split them among your fingers another.

Or, treat the finger you gesture with most to a cigar band.

My mother always told me it was rude to point, but I feel like I've heard that an exception to that rule is when your pointer is properly adorned. That's totally a thing, right? If not, let's make it one.

The only thing better than a bangle bracelet? Um, hello?! An arm full of them!

You can never have on too many.

Or, too few.

What makes this collection perfect is that each piece is fabulous on its own, or with several others.

Have more than one pierced hole in your ears?

We love the idea of similar earrings in every one of them.

Just the one? Fake it with these climbers...

Or, these...

There are so many more choices in store and there is something for everyone.

If you're like me, every single December you vow to start holiday shopping early next year. You know, when you're waiting in a super long line with something for someone that you're getting to simply be done. Because you are done, with it all. If you're like me, that concept sticks around for the beginning of January, when you buy something perfect for someone on your list. & then, because you're so proud of yourself for sticking to the plan that you spend more like congratulating yourself than you do continuing to shop and BOOM! before you know it, it's October, you have one gift, somewhere. (Seriously, where IS that sweater I bought my mom last year??) Freida Rothman obviously gets it, because with a stop into either of our locations, you can cross every fashionista on your list. Done!! annnnnd WRAPPED!

Aunt, check!

Cousin, check!

Mom, check! Because we all know I won't find that sweater until Spring.

Best friend, check!

Myself, check! This baby is going to look great with the earrings I *might* have also self-purchased.

Annnnnd, the earrings. WINK!


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