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  • Valentine's Day, CHECK! - a guest posting

    Posted on: February 10, 2017

    Hey, it's me again, Average Joe, here to brag.

    Yup. I am about to boast, so hold on people. With days to spare, and a weekend ahead of us... I, regular ole' "I hate shopping" Joe have COMPLETED my once dreaded Valentine's Day gift getting mission! Take a moment to revel in this with me. No panic on Sunday afternoon, no hysteria after work on Monday, (or, let's be honest here, Tuesday), no mad dash to the shops while trying to be covert. Someone, anyone, please tell me why I have never done this before. In fact, I'm fairly certain that just sharing this lesson (finally) learned with my wife might even have been gift enough!

    It wasn't even difficult. I managed it all in one fell swoop. And swoop into Zimmer Brothers I did. The very first case held all that I needed to show my ladies that despite all my moaning and groaning, I do want them to feel especially loved on a day when we're supposed to spoil them. I was greeted by a lovely woman who could see it written all over my face and led me straight to Charles Krypell.

    Aptly named "A Love Story", their newest collection is perfect. Fashionable Sterling Silver* pieces that (it was explained to me) could be worn both day and evening. Yes, turns out that (some) jewelry have hours. I know, news to me as well.

    My favorite attribute of this jewelry - secret messages! Makes them that much more personal.

    My wife is going to FLIP over these hearts.


    And that's before she flips them over to discover the inscription on the back...



    Read it and weep, fellas, "Two hearts...waaaait for it... that beat as one". Yeah, I have so got the unspoken competition between a woman and her friends in the bag... or the iconic-ly silver and gold wrapped box, whatever the case may be.

    My daughters. Oh, my daughters. The very apples of my eye. They're just entering their dating years (God help me. For real, pray for me.) and what better way to remind them, and



    boy in their class, that I love them most of all than with this Hugs & Kisses necklace?

    hugsnkisses neck


    I believe the saleswoman was right when she said that this is something they'll both wear well into adulthood.

    Last, but never ever least. My mom. She was the first of the beautiful women in my life and since my dad's passing, the spoiling has now fallen to me.

    love heart


    Enter the Love Heart. Or, in my case, Love Heartssss. I ordered two, both of which are currently being engraved -each one with the name of her granddaughter. We used two different length chains so she can wear them both at once, layered. Yes, I am repeating what I was told, verbatim.

    There you go! Done, quick and painless. So painless in fact that I also decided on a little extra present for the Mrs..

    Plus, you know, mom got two.

    iloveyou ring


    This band is perfect for ensuring that I wasn't playing favorites. Plus. an excellent stand-in for when she doesn't want to wear her wedding rings. She won't feel 'naked' as she claims she does without them and the "I Love You" inside makes it extra special. I'm actually pretty excited to whip this out at dinner. A quiet and relaxing dinner. Adults only, no teenage chatter slash drama.  Just the two of us and a bottle of wine at her favorite restaurant.

    Who I have to call.


    To make reservations.

    Apparently, that is the only Valentine's Day prep Zimmer Brothers couldn't help me with. Not that I asked. I thought about it. But didn't. I probably should have.

    *Also available in 18K Yellow or Rose Gold.

  • The Dreaded VD - a guest posting

    Posted on: February 6, 2017

    Hi. I'm Average Joe

    You may recognize me from the supermarket. You've seen me at restaurants. I've been spotted at the mall, usually seated outside department stores, holding shopping bags I didn't fill at the checkout. We've sat across the aisle from one another on the train. We've sat in the same traffic. We've stood in line together at Samuel's Sweet Shop/The Crafted Kup/Dunkin' Donuts. I order it with milk and sugar.
    Ladies, I am your brother, son, boyfriend, husband, uncle, dad.
    Men, I am you.

    I can speak only for myself when I say that each year, I dread VD -Valentine's Day. I never know what to get any of the women in my life. Will a card suffice? Do I have to send flowers? Are we going to dinner? With everyone else in town? Does that mean I have to make reservations? Because I am NOT good at that kind of thing seeing at it involves advance planning, research AND making a phone call. Possibly two! Come on, I'm not a machine. And, the pressure is on. I can't turn around and not come face to face with red hearts, pink glitter and/or fluffy winged cupids. Anywhere. Someone at work has decorated her cubicle. For. Real.

    I have a week.

    One week.

    My wife doesn't even want anything. I know this because she told me so. She also told me that next Tuesday is "just a made up Hallmark holiday". In fact, she has made it a point to mention that to me every day since the calendar turned February. Thankfully, I have been married long enough to know what that means. She definitely wants me to remember the date and surprise her. I'm also fairly positive that going above and beyond my fellow husbands within our circle wouldn't hurt either. (Dudes. I'm sorry. But you KNOW how it is, every man for himself)

    Off to Zimmer Brothers I go. With two convenient locations, I am sure to find something perfect. Which means, within my budget AND jealousy-inducing. I don't even have to rush. I can be my last-minute self.  I won't though, not this year. But just knowing that I could be makes me a little less anxious. The stores in both Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck will be open Monday, February 13th!

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