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  • A Day at the Fair

    Posted on: August 23, 2016

    Yes!! It's our favorite week, the Dutchess County Fairgrounds is bursting at the seams with fun, fun, fun.

    fair 5

    We've waited all year for this and the weather is supposed be perfect. Perfect for visiting baby cows, waiting on line for 4H milkshakes.

    fair 3

    Perfect for riding the ferris wheel and gorging on fried everything.

    fair 4

    fair 2

    Perfect for saving lots of money on jewelry.



    natasha heart


    kathy kamei

    Saving money, you say? On jewelry?


    But how?


    I'm glad you asked!


    Each year Zimmer Brothers takes up temporary residence in Building B to bring some sparkle and flair to the fair's offerings. This year, however, we've got a something special in store for fair-goers. 40% off clearance items.

    But wait! There's more.

    moonstone pieces

    Select a 2nd item, get 50% off that item.

    Wow, right? We KNOW!

    But wait! There's even more!


    Select a 3rd item, and yup! You guessed it... 60. Percent. Off.

    So, you see, you really can't afford to not come to the fair this year.

    fair 1

    See you there!

  • Gold Medal Worthy Love

    Posted on: August 22, 2016

    Just when I thought the Olympics couldn't get any better, four couples go ahead and get engaged.

    Five if you count Dean Wyatt holding up a sign during his fiancé, Charlotte Dujardin's freestyle dressage test that asked 'Will you marry me now?' The British Equestrian team member most likely does, she cried. Therefore, I do too. Count it, that is. What makes you think I cried??

    Equestrian - Dressage Individual Victory Ceremony

    Rio not only brought us the games, but out of Brazil comes what is surely one of the sweetest surprises one of their rugby players has ever received on the field. Marjorie Enya, who happens to be a manager of the game's venue popped the question to Isadora Cerullo. & the whole stadium was invited - amid balloons, she grabbed the mic and her emotional speech set the crowd into cheers and probably a few tears.

    Rugby - Women's Gold Medal Match Australia v New Zealand

    Which do you think China's silver medalist, He Zi, will remember most about the 2016 Summer Games? The dives that brought her to the podium? Being on the actual podium? Or, the moment when her fellow diver boyfriend of six years (six!), took to his knee and asked her to marry him?

    Diving - Women's 3m Springboard Victory Ceremony

    I think the ring moment. Definitely, the ring.

    British race walker Tom Bosworth's 6th place finish might mean he'll be heading back home without any new hardware, but that doesn't mean his boyfriend, Harry Dineley won't too.  Excuse me, I meant fiancé. Tom presented him a band with a single stone when he proposed on Copacabana beach. Sounds like they both won!




    Last, but certainly not least, the USA also rocked a proposal of Olympic proportions. William Claye decided to make the day the best. one. ever. His plan: to do what he had to do in the men's triple jump (check!), and then to make Queen Harrison, also an American athlete, his fiancé (check!).


    Not only did the USA Track & Field team bring home the most medals for our country (led by the women, by the way!), but Claye is the MVP- he added not just a silver to the pile, but this moment.

    I love that during a games where time after time we were witness to the best athletes in the world coming together and exhibiting showmanship, but they also did their part to show every nation that love is love, is love.

  • If you're anything like me, you've been glued to the television this past week. I have contracted a severe case of Olympic Fever. For real. I can't stop talking about what I watched the night prior. I have cried more time than I care to admit. So many amazing firsts, and twenty-firsts (I'm looking at you, Phelps!), so many stories and finishes and medals. I am simply blown away by the work ethic these athletes have, their dedication to their sport and country. So inspiring to watch.

    That being said, if you're anything like me, while being glued to the television this past week, you can't even help but be tuned in to the little, but equally important details. The outfits, the uniforms, the costumes- all designed to represent the countries. How each athlete manages to show individual style while dressed exactly like their teammate is fascinating. Me being me, I am obsessed with the jewelry.

    Come on! You can't really be surprised! Don't you know me by now?

    You can't expect me to watch beach volleyball and not want to know everything about the multiple necklaces our ladies are wearing. One of Ross's pendants was actually a gift from Walsh-Jennings, inscribed with the word 'dream'. A reminder to her teammate to  never give up on their dream. Her own says 'breathe'. Kerri is a long time believer in the power of positivity.


    Team work has gotten these two where they are today- heading into the semi-finals of the Olympics. Team work on and off the beach. The spirit of team work and friendship makes me want to celebrate my own cheerleaders. The friends that encourage my own dreams- even if competing in the summer games isn't in the cards for me, I know they will have my back no matter what the goal is. For them, perhaps a personalized Thomas Sabo bracelet with a single word inscribed.

    thomas-sabo-pue_banner_896x1200_lb5_enEqually perfect a gift for such friends, Doggeared necklaces.


    Both designer collections feature the ability to be meaningful and at a price point that will allow for gift giving for no particular reason other than being overcome by my emotions. A true symptom of Olympic Fever.


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