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  • Diamonds are always a good idea

    Posted on: June 19, 2016


    "Guess what today is!?" -words guys are never fond of hearing. Usually, the today in question is an anniversary of sorts. Our first date! The first time we said I love you! The first time you let her hold the remote! For real- we remember. Everything. But, odds are, if you're married, you already knew that.

    Luckily, the advent of engraving has spared many men the agony of forgetting the 'big' anniversary- wedding. They can simply slip off their ring once in a while and check inside... nope, not today, wheew.

    Hey, guys, guess what?! One day, you're going to look and boom! your anniversary will actually be approaching. When that day comes, we're here for you!

    In preparation for such a day, here's a quick guide to what is traditionally gifted. Imagine, you remember the anniversary without prompting AND arrive with a years married appropriate gift! She'll be floored.

    1st Anniversary -paper.  Paper? Hmmmm, gift certificate? That MUST be it. You & I both know she's going to select diamonds. Cut out the middle man and show up with diamonds. Remember her reaction to the engagement ring? It'll pretty much be the same.hof studs

    2nd Anniversary -cotton. Like the cotton found inside an old school jewelry gift box? Perfect! It'll cushion the, yup, you guessed it, diamonds! Because, two years, two diamonds makes sense. Diamond studs? You got it!


    These 3-prong set Hearts On Fire diamond stud earrings are amazing.


    5th Anniversary -wood. Ohhhhh, a jewelry box! Perfect for stashing all the diamonds you've been buying her over the years. As a special surprise, tuck in a diamond bracelet. It's bad luck to give someone an empty jewelry box. I mean, it might be. Why take any chances?



    anniversary2Gumuchain, like diamonds, is always a good idea. This bracelet is especially perfect in that it features 5 diamonds.

    10th Anniversary -tin. For real? Tin. Nope. Luckily for you, the revised 'modern' gift is diamond jewelry. We swear. Look it up if you don't believe us.

    15th Anniversary -crystal. Crystal. Crystal, crystal, crystal. We are racking our brains and can't think of anything. You know what we can suggest though? Diamonds. I am sure she won't even question why you didn't go with the traditional crystal.

    20th Anniversary -china. I'm guessing that in the last 20 blissful years she has managed to complete her set of china. I am also guessing that she's at a point in her life where she is trying to get rid of stuff, not add to it. Perhaps, if we refer to the 'modernized' traditional gift list, that will help us out here. . . Yup! Platinum! We say go with diamonds, set in platinum, natch.



    A circle pendant, of diamonds, from Hearts On Fire. Win, win, win.

    25th Anniversary -silver. You know as well as we do that after 24 years of diamond giving, you can't possibly show up with sterling. BUT, you're still in luck. After selecting her newest diamond jewelry, please request that the associate use both silver paper and ribbon when wrapping her gift. See? Traditional.

    30th Anniversary -hooray! The modern listing saves you again! Diamond!



    Hearts On Fire diamonds at her throat will add a glow to her face, both with the mega-watt smile they induce and their natural sparkle.

    40th Anniversary -ruby. We're going to suggest sticking with ruby on this one. It's both traditional and modern annnnnnd, since she is totally expecting diamonds this year (after 39 years of them), wouldn't it be nice to show her you're still capable of surprising her?!madison





    50th Anniversary -gold. Diamonds set in gold do not get any more perfect. Don't forget to remind the associate to use both gold paper and ribbon on this one.


    We love an anniversary band as an anniversary gift, the one above is no exception. Stacks are the new black and she'll be delighted to add a band to her every day look.

    60th Anniversary. Really? You don't know? Come on, guess what anniversary this one is?!

    Yup! Diamond. If you're lucky enough to be lucky in love after 60 years, she's lucky enough to be opening diamonds!



    This triple row eternity band of Asscher cut diamonds just screams happy anniversary. Not just to your beloved, but to anyone within a mile radius of her ring finger!

  • He Loved Me First

    Posted on: June 12, 2016




    Whatever I call him, it was him first. He taught me how to tie my shoes, and ride a bike. He showed me what I wanted in a man, and how to tell the ones who weren't right to take a hike. He always has my back (always).  He taught me to defend myself, and stick up for others. He told me that if you loved what you did, you wouldn't have to work a day in your life. He taught me to speak my mind, say what I mean and mean what I say.

    Often my (somewhat exasperated) mom will say "Oh, you ARE your father." Whether that is good, bad or otherwise, I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Father's Day is coming. Not that I am allowed to buy him anything. It's kind of like his birthday, and Christmas. No gifting allowed. HA! Because I always listen, right?

    Exactly... nope. This year will be no exception. I will spoil him, he will resist. I will win. He will, at first, begrudgingly wear his new watch. I predict it will take less than a week for him to accept that I am adult, who may not work (see above) but has a job and may spend her monies as she sees fit- this month on a gorgeous, vintage Rolex. From that realization on, he will love, love, love that watch. A reminder of my affection, pride and gratitude every time he looks down at his wrist.


    Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, and a great big hug to all who aren't able to celebrate with their dads this weekend.



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