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  • Pomp, circumstance... and studs

    Posted on: May 29, 2016

    Am I the only one who cries at graduations? Like, all of them. I would guess it's the music, but really, I think it's a 'finish line' thing.

    Yes, I cry at those too...All of 'em - mine, yours, a perfect stranger's.

    So, it must be the sense of accomplishment. That feeling of a job well done. All through school, as you toile through each course, you're not just working toward the small goalposts along the way - the best possible grade, the most material absorption, and the end of each semester. You're not just looking toward winter break, spring break and the summers off. You're working toward the real end goal - graduation.

    Graduation, and the real world.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    All 'adulting' jokes aside. It took a lot of work to get to this part. That march to Pomp and Circumstance is well-earned. We're proud of you and we celebrate with you.

    To that end, may we make some suggestions on a lil something sparkly to commemorate this milestone?

    A Thomas Sabo bracelet makes an excellent reminder of this time in their lives. Have a graduate from Rhinebeck High School? The coordinates to Rhinebeck are a perfect inscription. A forever sign of where they came from, no matter where they are headed.



    These Hearts On Fire Beloved Diamond Stud earrings will remind her of this accomplishment, every time she wears them. As a wearer of my own graduation diamond studs some-20 years later, I can attest, she will mentally thank you every time she puts them on.

    hof beloved earring


    Dogeared necklaces are the PERFECT gift for your also-graduating roommate.  Sweet, to the point, and, because it will remind her of you, and all the fun you had, it's a fabulous reminder to stay in touch.



    Monica Rich Kosann is most well known for her lockets,

    mrk gate

    which are quite appropriate for graduation. As are many of her other designs. This telescope is one of my personal favs and with a name of "Curiosity", it couldn't be more perfect.

    mrk curisoity

    Or these keys? They might not start a new car, BUT they will last longer and that diploma? That will open far more doors!

    mrk keys

    Let's not forget the guys! These cuff links are not only beautiful and well crafted, but they're perfect for those upcoming interviews.


    Speaking of interviews, you can help make sure they aren't late for them...

    rolex onlyuse rolex



    Congratulations to all the graduates of the Classes of 2016! We wish you, as applicable: the best summer ever, the college experience you're dreaming of, the perfect job in your chosen field and, student loan forgiveness.


  • And the winner is . . .

    Posted on: May 25, 2016

    kimedlevinfullkimedlevinCongratulations to our very own Kim Torrens.  She was one of the winners in a national contest by Ed Levin Jewelry to name one of their new designs.  Kim is pictured here in the necklace she named  "Compass Rose" featuring a peridot (Kim's birthstone).  The necklace is available with an assortment of other gemstones and is part of the new Nuance Collection launching this month.  For more of these innovative, timeless creations go here .

  • Last week at the Vassar Alumnae House we had our first private event with Elizabeth Boutique. Our guests previewed what's new and trending for Spring/ Summer 2016 and were able to connect with each other over a shared love of fine jewelry and fashion. Twisted Soul catered an amazing spread and a good time was had by all.

    Photos by Jessica Kenny of JKenny House of Photography.



























    This was a small test event for us so if you missed it, keep a lookout for more events like this in the future from us!                                          -Jocelyn


  • What I want mom to know

    Posted on: May 6, 2016

    This week has been a lovely one. Obvi, I am not referring to the weather.  The rain, while it may be necessary, I certainly wouldn't go so far as to describe it as lovely. The chatting, now that, that has been lovely. I always relish a good conversation with a customer, but what has been especially nice is that with so many shopping for Mother's Day, I've gotten to have lots of hearts-to-hearts about moms.

    When customer Amy Becker and I chatted over the counter she told me that if there was only one thing she wanted her mom to know this Mother's Day, and all days, it was that beautiful line from an e.e. cummings poem, 'i carry your heart (i carry it my heart).'

    Amy told me that the word that comes to mind when she thinks of her mother is "proud".  Through the years her mom has been a true inspiration in all facets of life, demonstrating love and kindness in all that she does. Even though they're different, they're still very much the same. Like in the way they're both drawn to similar things, such as their shared love of music, great restaurants and shopping. Amy's mom has a keen eye for classic style and has a natural instinct for what's in fashion before the next big thing hits the blogs or magazines. Case in point, the sterling silver monogram necklace Amy's mom purchased for her at Zimmer Brothers Jewelers.


    It isn't just that the piece is in keeping with trends, it's much more about how Amy feels when she puts it on, "There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wear my necklace knowing it was chosen with love."


    That right there. It's what jewelry is all about. Let's face it, it's what moms are all about too, love.

    Wishing all our moms much love this weekend.

    Wishing all who aren't able to celebrate with their moms this weekend, peace. annnnd love.

  • Mom Knows Best

    Posted on: May 3, 2016

    She really does. She knows it. Let's be honest, we know it too. NOT that I'll actually be admitting it to mine anytime soon. I find it is best to just argue with her and then do as she suggests behind her back. It keeps her on her toes. Yes, my wedding rings are the very first thing off when I return home and the last thing I put on when getting ready to leave the house. As per my mom. However, she doesn't need to know that. She also doesn't need to know that I do, in fact, know how to take care of the silver tea set she gave me that once belonged to my grandmother. It's far more entertaining to tell her it hasn't been polished in Lord only knows how long?!

    Jewelry is 9 times out of 10 about the connection to its giver. Be it a gift they gave, or a piece handed down from a beloved family member. We recently chatted with customer, Joy Dyson, who feels the same. "I always felt special when my mom let me wear her jewelry." Odds are that wasn't  because of the monetary value or sparkle of the pieces, but more the emotional value attached to wearing something so personal of her mother's.

    As both a daughter and a mother herself, she gave excellent advice we would love to pass along to you. When giving family pieces to you children, or even when lending them, share the story of where you got it from. That way, the history behind it can be shared both between you and with others when they remark on the piece.

    Think about it, how often have you admired a beautiful pair of earrings to hear from their wearer that they once belonged to her grandmother? Or, an amazing ring to be told it was once the wearer's mom's? How much more fascinating to hear that those earrings were her grandmother's... a gift from her late grandfather before heading off to war... the stone chosen because it was the (future) birthstone of the baby they were getting ready to have... the very wearer's father?! Wouldn't you be delighted to know that the ring you admired was from her mom... it had been a gift to her from her own mom... as a Sweet 16 gift... see how the stones are sort-of set in a sunburst pattern?... that's because her nickname growing up was 'Sunshine'!

    Joy's advice of being able to "share it while we wear it" is sound and definitely something we should make an effort to do. Ask family members if they know any of the details of the pieces already handed down. Share any stories you already know with family member who might not. The history attached to this jewelry is what truly adds to the personal value.

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