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  • The Best Intentions

    Posted on: December 3, 2017

    Every year I say it. Every year, I apparently forget it soon after.

    "I'm going to start shopping in January. That way, I won't have the stress of finding something, anything, for everyone on my list."

    Every. Year. Last was no exception. On either point. I didn't buy a single item, for a single soul. It's December again, and I am stuck. What do I get my best friend, my favorite niece, my daughter's teacher, the babysitter, my husband's sister and both of our assistants?!

    Why? Whyyyy do I continue to do this, year after year? Unnecessary stress when I have real stuff I could be worried about.

    I need a one stop shop and I need it today. So that it is done, done, done. Where, where, where in the Hudson Valley can I go and get it all done? Plus, of course, the big question- who's going to wrap all this stuff?!

    The answer, to all of the above? Zimmer Brothers.

    My favorite sales consultant and Freida Rothman to the rescue!

    My BFF will love this 36" Radiance wrap necklace. Probably as much as she loves me. Insuring the second F remains true.


    These Marquise Hoops are perfect for my teenage niece. Who, by the way, was just 5 years old what seems like a minute ago. How did that happen?


    I think that these sweet Mini Clover earrings will be a welcome surprise for my daughter's teacher. Sparkle beats apple, any day of the week.


    The babysitter may not mind spending New Year's Eve at our house this year as much after opening these cool and edgy ear climbers.


    My sister-in-law will probably find something to complain about at dinner this holiday BUT it definitely won't be this trio of bangle bracelets.

    Our assistants are amazing. Neither my husband, nor myself would be as productive without their, you guessed it, assistance. These stacks of 5 eternity rings should relay our appreciation nicely.

    One for mine.

    One for his.

    DONE! annnnnnnd wrapped!

    I think I need to reward myself, for getting allllll of that done. At one stop no less.

    Yup. This Raindrop necklace is perfect. May it serve as a reminder to not let this go a whole year again...

    Yeah, right. One can dream. I guess. ;)



  • When your mom runs the office of a jewelry store, you tend to spend a good portion of your formative years there. When you spend that kind of time surrounded by cases, and cases, annnnnd cases of sparkly gems, you tend to gravitate toward the sparkliest cases of all –bridal. That much 'research' can only mean one thing, when the time comes, well, she'll be ready. Our very own miss Gracie, daughter of the woman behind the curtain, knew exactly what she wanted, whether it was in a person, or a diamond.

    She met Luke in college, where they both shared roles within Student Government. He fit the bill perfectly. He is handsome, generous, kind, sweet, honest, respectful, funny. They began to date and a few months in realized that this was it, they’d each met the one. Five years, so much Chinese food and every episode of The Walking Dead later…

    “I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything.” F. Scott Fitzgerald

    An important thing to know about Luke, he always treats Gracie like a princess. Selecting a ring fit for such, would normally have been quite an undertaking. Thankfully, his bride-to-be had spent, ohhhh, I don’t know, her   l i f e t i m e, picking one out. The ring decision sorted, and with the blessings of her parents gotten, he would still need to come up with a perfect proposal, and somehow keep it a surprise. Family is very important to Gracie and he wanted to include as much of hers as he could. Which meant doing it while the two of them vacationed in Italy was out. Easter dinner at her aunt’s house, however, was perfect. Just as everyone was about to dine, setting aside his nervousness, he stood up to tell them just how much being made to feel as part of the family meant to him… annnnnd that he wanted to make it official. Amidst the screams of surprise and happy crying, Luke got on one knee and presented Gracie with THE ring, the one she’d tried on time after time dreaming of this very moment.

    Oh, Hearts On Fire, you've gone and done it again.

    Amidst continued screams of surprise and happy crying (she's Italian, it happens), Gracie said yes. Cue the celebration... and champagne!

    It is something extra special when one of our own finds the love of their life. Gracie and Luke’s happiness means so much to everyone here and we continue to wish them nothing but the best as they begin this next chapter of their lives as husband and wife.

  • Happy Fall, Ya'll

    Posted on: October 5, 2017

    Fall is in the air. Well, kinda. The temperatures may be confusing, but the leaves know what's up. Plus, the truest sign of Autumn... pumpkin spice everything. EVERYTHING.

    Another sign? New trends. Which, if we are being honest, is our very fave, above and beyond all things weirdly-flavored. Our fave trend, this season and... well... every, layering. #wearallthejewelry You know, at once. Cue our latest designer collection -Freida Rothman.

    Every one of her pieces can be paired with every other single one of them. Because she also believes in wearing it all, many of her bracelets and rings are sold in pre-stacked sets. You know what I like more than a brand new ring? Five of them!

    Wear all five on the same finger one day, split them among your fingers another.

    Or, treat the finger you gesture with most to a cigar band.

    My mother always told me it was rude to point, but I feel like I've heard that an exception to that rule is when your pointer is properly adorned. That's totally a thing, right? If not, let's make it one.

    The only thing better than a bangle bracelet? Um, hello?! An arm full of them!

    You can never have on too many.

    Or, too few.

    What makes this collection perfect is that each piece is fabulous on its own, or with several others.

    Have more than one pierced hole in your ears?

    We love the idea of similar earrings in every one of them.

    Just the one? Fake it with these climbers...

    Or, these...

    There are so many more choices in store and there is something for everyone.

    If you're like me, every single December you vow to start holiday shopping early next year. You know, when you're waiting in a super long line with something for someone that you're getting to simply be done. Because you are done, with it all. If you're like me, that concept sticks around for the beginning of January, when you buy something perfect for someone on your list. & then, because you're so proud of yourself for sticking to the plan that you spend more like congratulating yourself than you do continuing to shop and BOOM! before you know it, it's October, you have one gift, somewhere. (Seriously, where IS that sweater I bought my mom last year??) Freida Rothman obviously gets it, because with a stop into either of our locations, you can cross every fashionista on your list. Done!! annnnnd WRAPPED!

    Aunt, check!

    Cousin, check!

    Mom, check! Because we all know I won't find that sweater until Spring.

    Best friend, check!

    Myself, check! This baby is going to look great with the earrings I *might* have also self-purchased.

    Annnnnd, the earrings. WINK!


  • Within a few months of the two & half years that Rocco and Cara dated, they KNEW. This was the person they wanted to spend forever with. College sweethearts, they met while both studied at Springfield College. They talked about getting married a lot and Rocco made sure that he knew what Carah wanted in terms of THE ring.

    And, it IS all kinds of perfect! Even if we do say so ourselves.

    Next week, Carah will walk down the aisle to meet Rocco to start their forever. It took lots of decisions and planning to get to this point. Color swatches and dress fittings and hair trials and wedding bands later, it is practically here!

    But, before all the happy, there was much sadness. In 2013, Rocco’s best friend died as the result of an automobile accident. He has remained close to Christopher’s family, considering them to be among his own, and was determined to include them, and the memory of his friend, in the proposal. This led Rocco to select their home as the place to ask for Carah’s hand. So many memories of the times he spent with Christopher surrounded them as he made an unforgettable one, for his wife-to-be.

    Waiting to do the actual asking was hard for Rocco, having purchased her ring the month before. Only a few people knew his plans to ensure secrecy, and he managed to keep Carah in the dark while plotting. He set up a playlist of love songs with a marriage theme to play while Carah was given clues. Each one revealed a little more of their own love story and the evolution of their relationship, culminating in Rocco, on bended knee, ring box in hand. She didn’t cry, she’s not the emotional one in this relationship, wink! wink!, but she did smile, tell Rocco she loved him and, the best part, say YES! Which makes us happy, almost as much as Rocco himself!

    Rocco’s sister and Christopher’s parents were on hand, hiding in the shadows to take photographs and I would personally like to thank the one responsible for the pic above, as it is perfection! Shortly after it was taken, phone calls were made to parents and siblings to share the news. Then, an intimate dinner with friends to continue the celebration.

    Rocco, and Carah, we are so happy to have been chosen to be a part of your love story and we’re especially excited for you both as you approach what is sure to be an amazingly special day. Enjoy every. single. moment. of it, and your happily ever after! Never stop celebrating each other.

  • Yay! Another one of our GORGEOUS, even if we do say so ourselves, engagement rings has found its way on to the finger of its rightful owner.

    Of course, not without much romance and our favorite, happy tears!

    Mike and Kate are college sweethearts. Marist College was the first backdrop to their love story. Three weeks in “I love you”s were exchanged. Three years in, well, we’ll get to that…

    Before that part of the story begins, there have been dates. There have been getaways. There has been rose’.

    There has been the meeting of families, family is very important to them both. Baseball has been played. Dogs have been fostered. And through all of it, Mike and Kate’s love has grown.

    There has also been the discussion of marriage. There ‘may’ also have been a little reconnaissance when it came to selecting the most perfect ring to accompany the ask for Kate's hand.

    Then, there was a family (his) vacation to the Hamptons. And THEN, a visit to the Wolffer Estate Winery in Sagaponack, NY. Remember the rose’? This is where the one Mike and Kate love is produced. Between that, and the utter beauty of the space, it was the perfect backdrop to begin the next chapter of their love story.

    On a stroll through the property, our couple came upon a gazebo and Kate casually, without agenda, mentions how amazing the place would be for a wedding. Mike, somehow, managed to brush it off at the time but when he knew the moment finally arrived, he turned to Kate and said, “so, remember what you said about this being a nice place to get married…” and took to his knee.

    Emotions took over and neither really  remember exactly what else was said. What we do know is that THE question was popped and THE answer was affirmative. We also know that they both cried. But, please, don’t fret, Mike, we won’t tell anyone other than the whole world via the internet. ::wink::

    Can I just say? There is much to like about a sneaky man! He’s the one who makes sure that the ring you find on your finger is the exact one you want. He’s the one who makes sure there is a photog hiding in the vineyard to insure the moment is captured forever. He’s also the one who makes sure your family secretly makes the trip to join his on vacation…

    Yup. Kate and Mike return to the house after the vineyard to find EVERYONE on the porch awaiting their arrival to celebrate. It hasn’t been confirmed, but if we had to guess, we'd venture that Kate was moved to tears. Again.

    The guys who sneak around and make girls cry sometimes get a bad rap. But to us, often, they’re the perfect kind. Thanks for being perfect kind for Kate, Mike.

    Now, if you can just get her to stop staring at her ring long enough to start planning the wedding. We're pretty sure that there are many people looking forward to dancing that day!






    photo creds: professional shots by Zupco Photography, others are couple's own

  • Birthday Shopping Dilemma, Solved!

    Posted on: August 6, 2017

    Next week is my bestie's b-day. Like, my absolute BESTEST friend. My ride or die, if you will. My secret keeper, and my problem solver and my partner in all crimes to be left unsaid. A big birthday too, divisible by 10 big. So, just any ole gift will not do.

    What, on Earth, am I going to get her? She has always had my back. She punched a boy in the schoolyard when we were 12 because he made fun of my braces. She was suspended. For 3 days. For me.

    She can buy herself pretty much anything. Often does, in fact. I, on the other hand, am on a strict budget. So, something she doesn't already have, won't be buying herself annnnnd won't break my bank. Oh, be really, REALLY, special.

    My go-to gift when it has to be memorable is jewelry. Personal and a forever reminder of an emotion or a feeling. Hello? Perfect, right?

    Yeah. Except... again, Hello? Jewelry = expensive. I'm on a budget, with a capital B. So, back to the drawing board.

    While I think about it, I guess it wouldn't hurt to look around at jewelry. Right?


    Happy Birthday! #manyembarassingballoons #maybetoomuchchampagne #definitelytoomanycupcakes and the absolutely, peeerfect gift to mark the occasion... #jewelry

    Enter, Dogeared. Zimmer Brothers Jewelry carries the line in both locations. NOT that I am admitting to having visited both of them.

    Fine, I did, AND I totally had some rose' when in Rhinebeck.

    These are sooooo perfect, and there's at least one for every occasion. Sentimental and affordable. So much so that I may have gotten myself one too. Now that, I will not as readily admit to #wink


  • Bananarama, Revamped

    Posted on: July 30, 2017

    Hot summer streets
    And the pavements are burning
    I sit around
    Trying to smile but
    The air is so heavy and dry
    Strange voices are saying
    (What did they say)
    Things I can't understand
    It's too close for comfort
    This heat has got
    Right out of hand

    It's a BEJEWELED, (bejeweled), bejeweled summer...

    I mean, it can be, right? Because you know what goes great with a tan, and sun-made highlights? Sparkle.

    Lauren K's multi-colored sapphire necklace set in yellow gold will go with your entire summer wardrobe.


    Any Fope is always a good idea and the Vendome Flex'it Bracelet is perfect for sipping Rose' al fresco -be it at brunch or dusk.
    The Charles Krypell Firefly collection couldn't be more Summer if it tried -yellow gold and sterling mixed with diamonds. Hello?! It's called Firefly- what's more summer than that?

    Our Favorite summer-time trend? Layering. The perfect season to double up on accessories, since you're lessening the rest of your attire. Bare shoulders are begging for more than one necklace. We know, because they told us!

    Anna Beck's Bar Necklace comes in two sizes, and they're perfect for layering with tank tops, sun dresses and cold shoulders alike.

    A plus, both necklaces are reversible so really, the possibilities are vast!
    Thistle & Bee's station necklaces are also the perfect layering piece.
    Picture this sweet pendant lying just above its counterpart -perfection! Many gemstones are available but this teeny version of the sun seemed a natural choice.

    Stop in either of our locations for an endless selection of summer-time sparkle that you'll wear well into the season that shall not be named, at least so long as I am at keyboard.

  • Yay! Like everyone, everywhere we loooooove a good love story. Maybe even a little more so because we had a small hand in the engagement ring process. It really is the best part of this biz- being a part of the love stories! So, when our recently engaged friends shared their story with us, we were over the moon to get to share it with everyone else.

    This is Erin and John.

    Introduced through mutual friends, they are a set-up success story!

    Emails and phone calls led to drinks at the Beechtree in Poughkeepsie led to seven years of laughing, love and family-time. When you have kids, dating as an adult means you have to take much more into consideration. There are more people affected by your relationships. Important, impressionable young people who are learning about life and love from your every move. Erin knew that John’s philosophy on life and the importance he placed on family made him a very real possibility of being “the one”. The love and affection he showed certainly didn’t hurt matters and the moment he first said I love you sealed the deal for her. John loves so much about Erin but it was her thoughtfulness that sealed the deal for him. You know how they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Well, this happy couple can attest. Erin’s surprise of his favorite pizza and a 6-pack of beer while moving was when he realized that he wanted to spend forever with her.

    Pausing for the inevitable “awwwwwwwwwww”

    Marriage is a huge step. For any couple. Having been through it before doesn’t make the decision any easier to make. Erin and John talked about it at length and the love they share and their desire to grow old together made marriage increasingly important to them both, especially as they’ve blended their families. On the seventh anniversary of their first date, they looked at rings. (!!!)
    They each liked several options. Erin knew that she wanted something unique to them and trusted John to make the ultimate decision of which he would propose with. Trust me when I say, the choice he made is, much like his betrothed, truly something special.

    Seriously. Look at that ring!

    Yes, we know. This is about so much more than the ring. BUT, seeing how we are #howthehudsonvalleygetsengaged, we can’t help but go at least a little gaga at the bling. We are getting a little ahead of ourselves though. Back to the important stuff.

    The really important stuff. Lunch date with Erin’s dad, check.
    His blessing? Check. Wheew. ;)

    Ring, check.
    Or, rather, a seriously gorgeous and perfect ring for Erin? Check, check, check! Look, we can't even help it. You're just going to have to deal with it.

    A perfect romantic backdrop, check. While vacationing upstate, John arranged a lovely dinner for two. Picture it, Belhurst Castle and Winery overlooking Seneca Lake in Upstate NY on an early summer evening. John had been waiting until the moment felt right and he looked over at Erin while looking at the lake and it was perfect. Down on one knee and out with the ring. THE ring. All his worries that he’d forget all he wanted to say, or heaven forbid, misplace the ring, went out the window and the actual proposal itself was perfect and memorable and, honored the relationship, and the love, they share. A tall order to convey the journey they have taken to get to this point, the people they are now and the family they share together. Couple all that with his discussion with her dad and who Erin is as a person to him. Though he tried not to cry himself, or make her cry, Erin’s resounding YES may have been without hesitation, it WAS accompanied by tears. And really, how could it not be?

    What followed was a flurry a phone calls to parents and children. Texts and Facebook updates filled in the rest of their people. A quiet night of celebration for two and a reunion at home for a second, slightly larger celebration when they returned from their vacation the following day.

    What continues to follow is the cloud of happiness they’re floating on as newly engaged. Congratulations, John and Erin! We wish you nothing but joy and laughter. Here’s to the next chapter of your love story. Thank you for letting us share in this one.


  • As Featured in Living Rhinebeck Magazine:


    This gorgeous Seven-Stone diamond band from Hearts On Fire is the perfect pairing of elegance and major bling. Yes, please!
    We love how this micro pave band from Ritani adds lots of sparkle without adding much bulk.
    Hand engraving around the whole of this ring gives it a vintage look.
    These two-toned gold bands are beautiful and nothing says classic as much as matching wedding rings!
    Nothing is more fun, or as sparkly(!) as a stack of diamond bands. Like potato chips, sometimes you can't just pick one!

    That, my dear friends is what we, in the biz, call 'click bait'. & we gotcha! You totally clicked, excited to read the sweetest engagement story ever. Alas, today is not the day for such. But, in the near future, it could be...

    Think about it. Two highly plausible reasons you're here are because you were thinking:
    1), "nope, MINE is the cutest story ever, but let's see what ya got for me, ZB."
    2), "ohhhhh, I wanna read this and see what elements I can add to my ultimate fantasy proposal story, which should be any day now, I have pinned many a ring pic and have dropped many a hint."

    So really, the fact that no super cute, "awwww"-inducing blog post about a real life, local engagement exists here is tooooootallly your fault.

    You did realize that there was no way I was going to take the fall for that, right?!

    Regardless of blame, you can help me rectify this situation. Head on over to our handy dandy engagement survey and fill it out for the opportunity to be featured on our blog. Not engaged (YET! Keep sending him those ring pics, encourage him to visit us, remind him how long you're been dating while everyone else is getting married on the regular) but your bestie/sister/cousin/co-worker/mail lady is and has a fantabulous story to go with it- forward this her way. We are super excited to read them! & even more so to share with everyone!


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